Welcome to the Fragments of Me.

I wear many hats.

Some of my hats make me a professional liar (advertiser & marketer); while other hats make me a magic-maker (web developer), or a wonder-collector (illustrator & photographer), and even a content polisher(graphic designer). The only thing that keeps a constant during all of these iterations of myself is that I create things to be seen. Clients, deadlines, requirements, and medium shape these fragments, but no matter the outside influences they are inseparable part of me. This is an extensive library of my fragments some pieces date back more than a decade while others are in a constant state of flux and renewal. But all of them represent effort, thought, and passion from me.

I hope you enjoy.

Shards of my work scatter across time

It is interesteding to see my work plotted into the months they were created over time. This isn't all my work but the work that is represented this repository.



There is nothing that beats the feeling of a brochure hot off the press and the smell of ink as you look at all your hard work. Designing on paper is the parent to all of the other mediums of modern day. Paper has given us the framework and lingo that we use as designers everyday. And for many of us it is still used as a starting point. Come look at the fragments of packaging, stationary and of course logos.  Explore my work on Paper 



The world is a vibrant place with all of the majestic landscapes, impressive buildings, colorful people and tasty food. I have enjoyed capturing the world and I hope you like seeing the world that I see through the lens of my camera.  Explore my work on Photos 



No longer is designing for the screen a fledgling craft, but rather designing for the screen has matured into an art form that takes as much skill and love as designing for its predecessor paper. With over a decade of work in this gallery there are hundreds of designs for emails, banner ads, websites, online applications, and mobile apps.   Explore my work on Screen 

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