Illustrator • Designer • Photographer • Coder
Matt Watier

I Wear Many Hats

Like all artists i juggle a few hats. I fill my time with illustrating books, designing anything & everything, and thinking about random things. Welcome to my website where you can find my art, my phototgraphy, my designs, and my thoughts. I have broken my website into three parts. So, please go look at my art in the fragments section, my thoughts about the randomness of the world, or my published and unpublished books of mine in my library. My love of design, art, culture, design, photography and food come together in what I like to call my playground.

Design, Photography & Art

This is my gallery of design and art. An artist always leave a parts of themselves whenever they create.  Even in the most corporate of circumstances artistic emote of the artist being impassioned, hurting, happy, or even lost. My illustrations and designs are echos of my existence, and through the static of client and purpose of the pieces you can see reflection of me as an artist. Come and enjoy the fragments of my life work.

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Coding, Food, & Travel

I am interested in so many things but because of all the time I spend on keeping my skills sharp for my career I spend a lot of time thinking about design.  Some of the times I think on the creative side of and other I think of the production side.   All great stories have one thing in common they were heard by people in the language they understood. Come and stop by and read up on some of the thoughts that have rattled around my head, or find a recipe of good food.

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A True Love of Mine, the Illustrated Book

My passion comes from my love of the books that inspired me. Robin Hood, Treasure Island, Robinson Crusoe and many other chapter books that were read to me as I was young were the spring board for me and my wild adventures in the back woods of Maine. The books I grew up on were not afraid of using the full capacity of the english language and to enrich them with vibrant and colorful illustrations. I am published author with many more books that have not seen the shelves of anywhere. Come look through my private library and enjoy.

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